Dance PE

This class is designed to provide a strong physical conditioning program and at the same time, offer ample opportunity to express and develop individual creativity through participation in dance combinations and choreography.
The class culminates with a year end show, Expression Session., where the dancers showcase their years work.


How to Access Edgenuity

  1. Go to and click the Edgenuity button (or go directly to )
  2. Username: (lastname)(first initial of firstname)(last 4 numbers of permanent ID)
  3. Password: will have been communicated to you earlier
Example: Jennifer Smith, Permanent ID 123456789 would have username: smithj6789

 Links & Downloads

California State Standards for Dance

DANCE PE SYLLABUS (2016-2017) - See link at bottom on page

FitnessGram Tests

FitnessGram Healthy Zones - Female

FitnessGram Healthy Zones - Male

TP Dance Team - Parent Liaison,
Mar 2, 2017, 10:34 AM